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    More Data

    The STC paperwork consisted of over 200 pages of drawings and text and took three years to compile. Laid end-to-end, it would take a Royal Turbine Duke less than a few seconds to traverse.

    Royal Turbine DukeStandard DukeTBM-700
    Engine modelP&W PT6A-35Lycoming TSIO-541P&W PT6A-64
    TBO3,600 hrs1,400 hrs3,600 hrs
    Passenger Seats666
    Length33’ 10”33’ 10”34’ 3”
    Height12’ 4”12’ 4”13’ 9”
    Wingspan39’ 9”39’ 9”41’ 3”
    Max Take-Off Weight7,050 lbs7,000 lbs6,579 lbs
    Standard Empty Weight4,650 lbs5,000 lbs4,100 lbs
    Max Useful Load2,400 lbs2,000 lbs2,514 lbs
    Max Useable Fuel260 gal232 gal282 gal
    Payload @ Max Fuel750 lbs608 lbs764 lbs
    Certified Ceiling28,000 ft30,000 ft30,000 ft
    Take-Off Runway1,000 ft2,660 ft2,034 ft
    Landing Runway900 ft3,000 ft2,034 ft
    Max Climb Rate4,000 ft/min1,550 ft/min1,875 ft/min
    Time to Climb (25,000 ft)9 min25 min15 min
    High Speed Cruise (29,000 ft)290+ kts240 kts280 kts
    Fuel Flow66 gph56 gph60 gph
    Max VFR Range (no wind)1,100 nm1,100 nm1,330 nm

    Note: All specifications are based on preliminary flight test data and are subject to change without notice.

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